Welcome to Rebecca.swims

Welcome! Thanks for checking out my shiny new blog, Rebecca.swims.

I bet readers who remember my first effort, Off the Deck, are now thinking, “another blog? About swimming, again?” And, based on my past years of radio-silence, “why now?”

The easiest, quickest answer to the above questions is simply, “because it’s time.” The longer explanation? Well, that’s the reason behind the re-boot—subsequent posts shall reveal all.

For now, I’ll share my most recent return-to-writing nudge. In Robin Robert’s book, Everybody’s Got Something, she says that her mom always told her to “make a message of your mess.”

Well, my past few years have been messy.

Thankfully, I feel I’ve come far enough to now start making a message of my mess. Especially because as Ms. Roberts stresses, if you can help at least one person, your mess has a point.

So, while Rebeccaswims, much like Off the Deck, will offer posts to help athletes of all ages swim faster and share the love of the sport, the “mess” posts will focus on the rougher side of “health and fitness”—dealing with illness, surgery, aging, food sensitivities/allergies, and more—because during my most messiest phases, lack of information might have been the worst issue of all.

But before we begin, perhaps the most the important message, The Disclaimer: I not a doctor, nor a registered dietician. I am not offering medical advice.

Here’s what I do hope to offer, based on hard-earned knowledge from experience, my own research, and experimentation:

  • There are more health options and resources than you think
  • Trust your gut when it comes to your health
  • Small actions over time can add up to a big overall boost in swimming and health

Welcome again, new and old readers. I look forward to posting once a week, and sharing your questions and feedback. Thanks for reading!

Swimmingly, Rebecca

Welcome to Rebecca.swims

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