An Easy, Cheap Anti-Nausea Fix

Flu season is almost upon us (boo! hiss!), which means many of us soon may seek remedies for its variety of symptoms, including something for nausea.

Ginger has been used as a natural anti-nausea aid for centuries. Today, the most common “dosage” forms are ginger ale soda and as a hot tea. Of course, fresh ginger is also effective, such as grating it into soup, but when it’s tough to stomach food (pun intended!), “sipping” your ginger is certainly easier.

Back when I was dealing with a nasty, drawn-out bout with shingles, the anti-viral meds made me nauseous 24/7. I had a tough time keeping food down (I threw up at least once a day, sometimes twice), and not much was appealing beyond scrambled eggs, soup, the occasional apple, and rice crackers.

I tried both above-mentioned ginger-sipping remedies, but the sugar from the soda made me crazy—jittery, energy-crash-y—and the tea actually further upset my stomach.

Luckily, I found what I lovingly refer to as “ginger chewies,” or officially, Reed’s Ginger Chews ( These saved me.

Super chewy, eating one Reed’s Ginger Chew takes minutes, a total boost when you’re constantly ill because it makes you feel like you’ve actually eaten something.


Their minimal ingredient list (just three—ginger, sugar, tapioca starch) is a perfect match for my food-sensitive self. Reed’s Ginger Chews are one of the most affordable items you’ll find in your store—one box is less than two dollars. And, perhaps best of all, no weird medication side effects!

After discovering them, I ate at least one ginger chewie every single day during my two-year recovery period, and they did a better job of keeping my nausea to a minimum than anything else I tried. That’s a pretty decent trial run, so I’m happy to recommend them here to you—considered yourself now slightly better prepared for flu season.

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Next week: Sutton Mirror OPT1200 Goggle Review

An Easy, Cheap Anti-Nausea Fix

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