Dream Swimming


sleeping moonI had to “ground” myself for about 10 days shortly after Christmas because I caught the circulating plague du jour. I know some people can “swim through” such crud (this means you Janice Dau and Ken Classen!) but I can’t—I get more congested (especially pressure on my ears) and end up with sinus issues that keep me out of the pool even longer.

I try to stay as active as possible during my groundings though. In winter, this means a combo of stretching, jogging on a treadmill, riding a stationary bike, and weights—whatever I’m able to do without worsening my condition.

Day 10 of indoor equipment-based workouts finds me hitting the wall though—I just want to swim. Especially because I always dream of swimming every night while grounded, only to wake each morning to be let down—not quite healthy enough to return yet.

I used to think that I was “practicing” in my sleep while out of the water. After all, I’ve read that a variety of studies have shown that visualizing yourself preforming your sport is beneficial when sick or injured.

But this go-round I looked up “re-occurring dreams,” and learned that it means you are dealing with unresolved issue or anxiety. So…I guess I’m really anxious about not swimming each day as usual.

This makes sense to me, because I don’t dream about swimming every night when I’m well and training daily. Certainly, I have the occasional swim-dream. Usually it involves me at a meet with a muddled mix of age group, scholastic, and masters elements. Or, it’s an obvious pre-race stress dream, such as my classic 400 IM nightmare right before 2013 Pan Ams (I was in the warm up pool when my heat went off the blocks. I tore my tech suit while getting out and hurrying over to the race pool, except it was the wrong one…!)

Curious about the correlation between dreaming and swimming, I took an informal poll among my friends. No clear trend emerged, but then again, my “ask whenever I see someone” approach wasn’t very scientific. Some are like me; others said they only have the occasional swim dream/nightmare. Readers, what about you?

Next week: 2015 Stats

Dream Swimming

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