dry brushing
Classic loofah used for dry brushing.

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Follow up is key in any realm, so here are updates on two new things I’ve been trying: dry brushing and Sworkit.

Dry Brushing

I began dry brushing once a week right before the holidays to see if it’d provide me with a little extra wellness kick. So far the results aren’t super impressive because I caught some sort of crud right after Christmas. Two weeks later I thought I was over it, so I went back to life as usual for about a week, only to then begin a second round of crud (relapse of same thing? Different bug? Not sure…). Of course, my once-a-week dry-brushing effectiveness is tough to evaluate (way too many other variables). For now, I’ve decided to stick with it for a few more months because it’s quick, cheap, easy and I do feel an energy zing for about an hour afterwards.


First, a shout out to Sandra Blendell Banas who recommended this free phone app as I search for ways to make stretching a habit. There are many things to like about Sworkit—select your session time, a variety of routines to choose from, timed stretches to ensure an even workout, and you can do sessions when ever and where ever you have time and space. And, although I was initially disappointed to learn that you repeat the same routine until your time is up, I’ve come to appreciate this repetition because it helps me relax further into each stretch. Even better, I’m motivated to tag on a few extra, specialized swimmer-stretches at end of the Sworkit sessions. My only issue unfortunately remains the same—I struggle to get it done! I sense that post-swim is ideal, but again, by the time I get home I want to eat right away. Then I’m too full to stretch. Prior to dinner has sort of worked, but it takes a lot of self-prodding (need to change out of day wear into gym clothes, and all I really want to do is take a break—read my current book while my cat dozes next to me). My next experiment? Try Sworkit before swimming. It’s easier for me to find ten minutes or so then, and am already in gym clothes. I’m anticipating it feeing a little odd for my body (I’m particularly old-and-creaky first thing in the mornings), but if it helps overall flexibility and I can get it in consistently, well then, first thing in the morning it will be!

Next week: Postals


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