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I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the 2016 Global Swimming Summit so far, have you? The array of topics ensures there’s something for swimmers of all ages, open water enthusiasts, trainers, coaches, and officials — and the ability to download the podcast notes/images is an awesome “retain what I heard” perk. I already have a list of new ideas to apply to my training and general health, and I’ve only completed the first two days of podcasts so far!

Here’s a sample of the schedule (with links) so you can get a sense of the topics:

Day 3 – Wed, Feb 10th – CLICK TO WATCH NOW
Dr. Jim Afremow – Mental Game Coach
Coley Stickels – Head Coach of Canyons Aquatic Club
Karlyn Pipes – Masters Swimmer & Inspirational Speaker

Day 4 – Thur, Feb 11th – CLICK TO WATCH TOMORROW
Dr. Dave SaloPeter Andrew & Dr. Josh White discuss training
Ricky Berens – Olympic Swimmer & World Record Holder
Steph Saullo – Performance Dietitian

After registering (no charge) you can listen to podcasts for free within the first 24 hours of their posting; if you want to listen to them at another time (or have access to them forever) you can purchase a VIP pass. Here’s their email address in can you missed the original sign up phase:

Thanks to all of the terrific sponsors for helping to make this event possible!

Global Swimming Summit

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