Finding a Consistent Massage Therapist

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I need regular massages. Not the nice, relaxing spa-like ones, but the “sports” type to get rid of huge, tough, full-range-of-motion-impinging knots. I wish I didn’t have to go, due to the time and expense involved (and heck, these massages are not “soothing” while on the table), but my body seems to knot easily—whether from swimming, weights, biking, sitting at my desk—I don’t know. Once-a-month appointments used to be my goal, but lately I’ve stepped it up to every three weeks due to a knot-formation spike.

Here I am, a ready-made steady client for someone; you’d think therapists would be thrilled to add me to their regular client roster. Yet, finding a therapist that I can see more than twice in a row has been a surprising problem.

Here’s a list of the therapists/issues I churned through in just the past year or so:

–Therapist transferred to an out-of-the-way office (for me) with no parking

–Don’t know; therapist had already quit when I arrived for my appointment

–Therapist quit their practice

–Therapist retired from their practice

–Therapist retired from their practice

–Therapist quit their practice to go back to school to pursue another field

Is it me? Maybe the type of massage I need is exhausting for therapists to provide. I’m always early for appointments and pay in full on site, so it can’t be because I’m a flakey client. I don’t think it’s “bad choices” on my part either, because I only see people whom are credentialed, based in a medical arts office (e.g. you can also see a sports therapist, do rehab, etc.), and that I have a personal referral for.

Maybe it’s the field, meaning it’s hard to make a living. Or maybe it’s hard for massage therapists to make a living where I live (there might be something to that last one—every time I get an on-deck massage at big meets I always get wistful hearing that this particular therapist has been in practice for 15 years or whatever.)

So, I have to ask: does anyone else have this problem?

Next week: Feeling Like the New Kid at School at the Pool

Finding a Consistent Massage Therapist

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