Open Water Conditions in the Pool

One of the coolest perks about my recent move is the outdoor pool that is literally a stone’s throw from my front door. Not only is it already open (way ahead of that silly, traditional “Memorial day to Labor Day” schedule) but there are two 25 SCM lap lanes.Pool from patio

For sure, the rest of the pool is a weird shape (sort of half-clover leaf with varying depths), a design that combined with no lane ropes factor, creates OW conditions in a pool – very wavy, would drift off course if not for the black T on the bottom of the pool, and so far the water’s been a bit murky, making it tough to see the walls in advance for flip turns.

But I can see a 25 SCM lane from all of my windows! And the conditions are delightful – 8 a.m. open, fresh air, sunlight, a cool, refreshing water temperature (not the typical heated-to-bath-water fare found in most complex pools) and fellow residents rarely dip a toe in before the 3:30 p.m. after-school rush. (Stay tuned to learn if it remains as quiet first thing in the mornings once school is out for the summer…but the good news is that the local school summer break is only two months.)

Therefore, I figure a little extra oomph applied amid waves while doing sets is a fine tradeoff. Heck, maybe I’ll even get a bit stronger in the water as a result (I certainly already have a new-found appreciation for lane ropes).

And, I’ve been ruminating on other ways to use the pool to my best training advantage. For example, while there are no backstroke flags, finally acquiring “counting my strokes” as a habit will be good for me. (Mark Johnston, for one, would be proud as he always coaches “ABC,” or “Always Be Counting.”) As will extra sessions of drill work and kicking, EZ recovery swims, mental break “play sets,” and getting in a quick swim in on days when my schedule doesn’t allow me to make team practice.

I know my savvy readers have ideas for me too – comment away, please, would love to hear them!

Open Water Conditions in the Pool

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