IMG_0214 It’s no secret that digestion is not one of my super powers. It never has been, probably never will be. It might because I was premature (didn’t quite “finish”), or just a personal physical quirk. Certainly, “fossilizing” (losing digestive enzymes during middle age is a common aging event), is now part of it, but my body has never liked a lot of foods nor digested well what it does tolerate.

As such, improving digestion has been a long-term goal of mine. Following basic food combining tenets, avoiding known irritants, and taking daily digestive enzymes and probiotics all have been the norm for years, but I’m always interested in trying something new that might bring additional benefits.

Drinking kombucha tea is an ancient habit that’s making a big comeback. It’s fermentation/yeast properties have been touted as an elixir for many health ailments, including balky digestion. Of course, other fermented foods toting equal health benefits are available, but I’m not a fan of kimchi (can’t have it due to it’s pepperflakes) or sauerkraut, and regular yogurt still isn’t cultured enough for me to tolerate well (dairy makes me super congested.)

Also in kombucha favor is that it’s readily available in a variety of tea and juice options, and affordable – my fave brand, GT’s Synergy Chia, is less than $3/bottle and provides me with three servings. You can make kombucha at home, but I doubt I’ll bother because it’s just as easy and affordable to get a week’s supply at the store.

I’ve been drinking about one-third of a bottle each day, about an hour before lunch (my tummy appreciates digesting just one thing at a time as much as possible) for the past month. I haven’t had a bad reaction, and am definitely seeing improvement – my stomach is calmer with much fewer aches.

From nutrition standpoint, GT’s Synergy Chia isn’t crazy-high in anything: sugar (2g), carbs (7g), calories (about 50 as am drinking less than the two-serving amount), and offers protein (2g) and fiber 4g) in addition to all the bennies of kombucha. And, my tummy high fives the three ingredient label – 100% juice, chia seeds, kombucha.

I know many people who don’t like the taste of kombucha, but I like it’s fruity-with-a tart-tang-after-taste. I also love the chia seeds included in this Syngery label, it reminds me of a fave treat, bubble tea (fruit ice tea with tapioca pearls.)

The only downside to kombucha I can identify at this stage is the need for refrigeration, being a “keep refrigerated at all times” product. I doubt I’ll ever guzzle a full bottle in one sitting (and I don’t always have access to a fridge when traveling) but you never know… On the whole though, kombucha is tasty, easy, and affordable, so it’s a keeper per the daily regimen.

Next week: Quarterly Housekeeping


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