Quarterly Housekeeping

sweep up.jpgEvery quarter or so I like offer follow ups (if I have them) on topics I’ve written about; here’s the spring recap:

Watching Garmin YouTubes: Total fail. Haven’t watched another since the one on how to switch the battery. But to be fair, there’s been no “normal” or “routine” for me since, oh, maybe January. Learning to maximize my Garmin is still one of my goals and thus watching clips online is still on my summer to-do list.

Pre-practice fuel: I’ve had to do some tinkering over the past few months. I started off with a small amount of Cocoa Koala Crisps and hemp milk, but that mix didn’t offer much staying power (too much sugar, and need fuel for about two and a half hours to get door to door per morning swim practice). I tried a few bites of quinoa and sweet potato next, but this combo was too much food in my tummy to swim on with less than 30 minutes digestion time. Plus, it was too time-consuming to constantly cook and stock. Third time’s a charm here though, as then I tried a half- cup each of hemp and rice milks with one tablespoon hemp powder. Not only is all-liquid fuel quicker and easier to digest, I don’t get hungry or hit the wall too badly, and this blend has the added bonus of offering extra hydration (I also drink water with electrolytes before, during, and after every practice.)

 Weights: I did a bit better here, eight workouts total in May (two each week), which was more consistent and a higher number than anything I did February-April. Having said that, the prior total workout number bar was pretty low (five.) But my body’s ready for another change up (topping out at weights/reps during current routine), so that’s a good training improvement sign.

Settling in: Almost two months in, I feel much more accustomed to my new team, sets, and drills. I’ve officially switched LMSCs (CMS to Pacific). The waviness in the SCY pool still has me feeling like a cork tossed about in an ocean during pull and fly sets, but am getting better about keeping my head down and just swimming. (I also hope the upcoming switch to LCM will offer a respite for the summer). The 5:30 a.m. practice start still is a bit of an adjustment. I am waking up more easily at 4:45 a.m. but still find I need a nap on a lot of practice days. Thus, “improved sleep” remains a key goal…

Stress: I’d love to tell you my level has dramatically decreased, or that I discovered awesome ways to instantly relax, but neither has happened yet. And it’s not likely to for the next several months. Thinking about it of course, stresses me out more. Especially when I read all those “biggest ways to improve your health” articles – I’d get an “A” if not for “stress management.” And it seems that stress does correlate to a lot of icky diseases. Must…get…on…top…of…this…

Next week: Passion Flower as a Sleep Aid

Quarterly Housekeeping

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