The Power of New Gear


With the holiday season over and the New Year underway, I’ve been appreciating how motivating new gear can be, both in the pool and in the gym, thanks to the lovely array of new gear I received as gifts.

If you’re like me, you’ve often worn a suit, a pair of sneakers, a swim cap, etc., beyond that “sort of works” phase. For example, you’re aware that your current practice suit is a bit “tired” – it swishes around as you swim, the material is becoming see-through in patches, the colors have faded. Or, that same suit has had some annoying fit issues since day one – for ladies this ranges from having to untwist straps, pull down on the butt, or pull up the front up every repeat. But, you bought it, and as it sort-of-works and isn’t at the “wardrobe malfunction” level yet, you’re determined to wear that suit it until it falls apart. After all suits aren’t cheap and don’t last as long as we’d like…

But once you put on a new suit, (especially one with that rare, magical fit) you finally realize just how annoying the old one really was. That’s because new often translates to better fit requiring less fussing when working out, and so much more comfy (e.g. cushy, springy new sock or sneakers). And, don’t forget the higher technology upgrade if it’s been awhile since your last purchase (e.g. the various generations of tech suits, the newest in wicking and lighter-but-warmer fabrics for dryland-wear.)

There’s also truth in the old saying that you’ll feel a bit better if you just brush your hair and put on a little lipstick. You do feel better when you look better in new gear – fresher, tidier, cuter, cooler. You even stand a little taller.
Finally, luckily for those of us who train year-round and often need a boost in morale and training focus, “feeling better” is just a skip away from “more motivated.” First, the “can’t wait to try it” excitement propels you to the pool or gym. Once there, and not constantly distracted by annoying gear (my most recent situation I addressed: Constantly readjusting a it’s-become-too-stretched-out sliding cap in practice), you can focus on the actual training.

Here’s hoping that you are amidst the post-holidays-new-loot-boost phase right now!


The Power of New Gear

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